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I Am Too Blessed To Be Broke

I Am Too Blessed To Be Broke


Did you know that having just enough or barely making it is not an option for living financially free? Have you ever thought about what God says about money? As a Christian, is there something you're missing if you are always broke or living paycheck to paycheck? Can you live a luxurious and prosperous life as a Christian?


Don't worry if you've had these questions. I used to have these thoughts, too and was confused about how to break the cycle of teetering between the promises of God and the limitations I placed on myself. But look at me now! I am living my desired lifestyle, and I've included all my secrets in this book. I will let you in on who I am and how wealth was far from the lifestyle I thought I could have as a child.


I'll let you in on a secret; you do not have to come from wealth to be wealthy!

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